Sarva Roga Chikitsa

The ancient wisdom of yoga science and traditional way of treatment. It is a link of new venture of healing using yogic method and scientific method.
It is a new research solely implemented by Acharya Reneesh Babu.Acharya has done a lot of experiment to come to a definite healing method. It is a successful treatment which can really be introduced to modern science.

The main motto is to free from suffering and lead a very healthy life. All disease are caused by damages to cells. Cells should be repaired and replaced through yoga. It is natural way of heating. There are five elements in the universe. Air, Water, Sky, Fire, Earth. There are the basic elements which exist even in our body based on this use have to rectify ourselves. .

our Packages

1. Body Massage
2. Nadi Correction
3. Yoga Exrecise
4. Detoxification
5. Kizhi

  7 days     9 days     11 days     14 days  

1. Body Massage
2. Special Oil treatment
3. Blockage Remedy
4. Exercise
5. Reflexology Treatment
6. Detoxification
7. Kizhi
8. Nadi Correction

  11 days     14 days     21 days     28 days  

1. Body Massage
2. Body
3. Special Oil Treatment
4. Exercise(Yoga Therapy)
5. Blockage Remady
6. Reflexology Treatment
7. Foot Massage
8. Marma Tune Ups
9. Detoxification, Yoga Krayas
10. Kizhi
11. Nadi Correction
12. Whole system treatment

  11 days     14 days     18 days     21 days     25 days     28 days