BHARATHA is the treasure land of YOGASUTHRA and ancient traditional divine and scientific therapies. The knowledge and experience gathered from this treasure land utilizes the Saptha suthras.
YOGASUTHRA is based concept has been developed for serving the suffering humanity.
Yogasuthra is based on the science and technology of human beings and works as a “Suraksha kavacham” or the protection ring for the health problems of humanity.

To perform every action artfully is yoga.


HEALTH and PEACE OF MIND are the invaluable aspects of human life. This great asset has been nourished and nurtured by Great Saints, Rishies, Maha Rishies, Sadhoos, Avadoottis, Acharyas, Gurus and Scholars of Bharatha from time immemorial.

More so, the secrets and techniques of leading normal, healthy and happy life and how to safe guard spiritual needs and thereby protect the Atma- the soul is provided and revealed in scriptures and Vedic literature. All of those are for the goodness and wellbeing of the humanity. It may be noted that the secrets and commitment of the teachings provided are the outcome of the wisdom, knowledge, karma suthra and sacrifices of the great saints and the same would work as guidelines for the benefit of the present generation.

In today’s world the so-called intelligent man has become much more self-centered. The individual has adopted a wrong life style dominated by aggressive behavioral patterns like greed, anger, sex, jealousy, and hatredness; and have totally drifted away from the natural way of life. This drift leads them to unending agony and makes them victims of all sorts of diseases. They become full time and part time patients.
These suffering patients due to their wrong living, negative actions of the past including the inherited sins of the past are destroying the health of the nation. Such patients are provided with knowledge, upadesha(piece of advice) with individual attention treatment is given to patient and achieve health and peace of mind and happiness by this new venture that is YOGASUTHRA.

A y u s m a n   Bhava

The concept of "Ayusman" is the secret of Yogasuthra

It is a combination of ancient divine wisdom of Yogic science & Shanti chikitsa(Treatment) involving both mind & the body. This unique technique, with person to person treatment modules makes "Yogasuthra" a classic treatment channel to provide health, prosperity & longevity to humanity.

Words by Yogacharya Acharya Ramesh Babu

Natural way to health

Over a period of time, developed a massive collection of case studies that I am about to share with you. You can use this real world information to better your own health. I am sure you know, the best medicine starts with the best of information.

The natural way of health is when you acquire indispensable health information. You will discover some of the most correct natural health strategies available that could possibly change your life & your health forever.
In fact "Ayusman" is generated with the ideal combination of Ayurveda, Yoga, Upadesa, Siddha, Marma, Atmagyanana & Nisarg Chikitsa(nature cure); all linked therapies to a wonderful way of life. In short a Yogasuthra is a way of life with unconditional love from the Universe.
Yogasuthra thus, is an ardent endeavour from an experienced Yogacharya for the suffering humanity. Hence one can conclude that when all the treatment fails, Yogasuthra stands as the final saviour or the last resort.

The concept of " A-y-u-s-m-a-n "

Yoga is the fountain of youth. You're only as young as your spine is flexible.

A yurveda

Ayurveda is a holistic approach that is designed to help people to live long, healthy & well balanced lives. It has been protected in India for atleast 5000 years. Ayurveda is India's traditional healing system. Practitioners prescribe treatment to bring the dhoshas into equilibrium state.
There are three basic energy types called doshas (i.e Vata, Pita & Kapha) present in every person. Each person has a distinct pattern of such energies and also a specific combination of physical, mental & emotional characteristics.
The human body constitutes basic ingredients that have gone into making of universe itself called the pancha maha bhootas or the five elements(Fire, Water, Air, Earth & Space). We are in touch with these elements by drinking water, eating food, using and constantly interacting with the elements of nature.
As urban life becomes more and more complicated. Ayurvedic treatment uses the essence of these five elements to restore harmony between individuals & the universe.
The science of Yoga is intimately connected to Ayurveda & corresponding systems of natural medicine.
"Yogasuthra" is proven with mutual application of both Yoga & Ayurveda therapy.

Y oga

Yoga is the way of life, it gives the way of living, a complete state of health and ultimate happiness to our life. It is a method which overhauls all aspects of human personality. It is a system of integral & spiritual education, not only of the body and the mind or the intellect but also of the inner spirit.
Yoga is a science of perfect practical system of healthy living. Yoga is a very ancient science that flourished in the world & especially in India.
Yoga is the science of sciences. It is an art of right living. Yoga practitioners have learnt the art of living in happy, harmonious, peaceful and stress free life.
Yoga not only has a sophisticated system of physical postures but it also recognises the power of 'Prana' or 'the life force'. Yoga postures affect the energy hold in the limbs, joints and spine which contain all important Marmas, Yogasana can be used to stimulate and balance the body, mind & soul in various ways. Yoga practise acts as a preventive medicine & is very beneficial in the management of all kinds of diseases & sufferings.

U padesa

Upadesa also known as the 'APTOPADESHA' literally means the words said by truthful & knowledgeable person.
One who is aware of the truth and knowledge is the one who can lead the mankind in achieving good health & prosperity. The person who follows the "upadesha" of the Acharya or Guru will always yield positive results.
Upedesa were generally the guidelines given by the rishis or the siddhars during their time which include their teachings & few important medicational methods or procedures.
Yogasuthra makes use of the the upadesha in the treatment of a patient and also follows the guidelines or procedures mentioned by the knowledgeable people for healthy & righteous living.

S iddha

Healthy soul can only be developed through a healthy body. Hence they developed methods & medications that are believed to strengthen the physical body & there by their souls.
Men & women dedicated their lives into developing the system called "Siddhas". They practised intense Yogic practises including fasting & meditation & believed to have achieved supernatural powers & gained supreme wisdom & overall immortality. Through this attained knowledge, they wrote scriptures on all aspects of life, from arts to science & life to cure diseases.
The "Siddhas" wrote their knowledge in palm leaf manuscripts.
Siddha as one of the oldest medical system which has deep knowledge in all types of diseases comes from the word "Siddhi" which means an object to attain perfection & heavenly bliss.
"ASHTAMAHA SIDDHI" (That is the eight supernatural power) are attained by "Siddhas" who are said to possess it. They are -
1. Anima
2. Mahima
3. Lahima
4. Karima
5. Praathi
6. Pirakamiyam
7. Easathuvam
8. Vasithuvam
It is said that 18 important siddhas in olden days developed this system of medicine called Siddha medicine. They were said to be supernatural and spiritual saints of India.
According to the Siddha system, the entire universe originates from the Union of lord Shiva & Parvathi.

M armas

Marmas are very important aspect in Yogasuthra with which Ayurveda & Siddha Chikitsa are very closely connected. Marmas are the centers for the vital force or prana. It is a powerful instrument of Ayurveda that originated about 5000 years ago.
It is a therapy that works on 108 subtle & sensitive energy points to open energy channels. Marmas are proportional directly to the Shakthi(energy). And stimulating it will improve the usage of energy(shakthi). It removes blocks in energy channels called 'stress'. It creates physical, mental & emotional flexibility. It brings an opportunity to experience powerful & dynamic transformation & through marmas this transformation is possible.
Through manipulation of marmas, the prana can be directed to remove blockage, improve energy flow or hidden energy and make connections with the greater power of life & nature.
Marma can be controlled by meditation, Mantra & Pranayama & other yogic postures.
Yogasuthra uses this chikitsa to imbibe much strength to patients with neuro musculo skeletal disorders coupled with mind & body.


Today man has assumed his body which is artificial self, as his real self, even though it is not. Our body is controlled by our atma(soul) which is part of the almighty himself. Only when devotees come to Gurus path, they are able to understand real meaning of Atmagyana, which eventually help them in finding solutions to all their problems. This is because the reason of Man's birth is to ultimately achieve this knowledge.

N isarg Chikitsa

The most important problem we are facing is that the food we consume contains chemicals and toxic substances. It is difficult for anyone to know about its effect and to what extent it affects the body.
External & Internal toxicity occurs on two basic levels. We can acquire toxins from our environment by breathing them, by ingesting them or by internal breeding.
Most common toxicity symptoms include headache, fatigue, respiratory problems, aches & pains, digestive problems, allergic symptoms & also sensitivity to agents such as chemicals, perfumes & synthetics.
Now is the time to explore the reality. Human body has a strong tendency to move toward health and we can help it do so. The healing powers are within the body itself. The only answer for proper cure is native cure(i.e, to eliminate the artificiality and restore the naturality) by which there is a balance within the body & the mind. Through Yogasuthra bringing the person with union to nature is the ultimate goal.